Welcome to the Velo della Madonna Hut

The Velo della Madonna Hut is a property of the two Alpine italian societies CAI – SAT and is located at 2358 meters of altitude, on a small rocky plateau at the foot of Cima della Madonna in the dolomitic group of the Pale di San Martino. The Velo della Madonna is the north-western aerial Arête of the homonymous peak, where one of the most charming between the classical ascents of Dolomites and Pale di San Martino starts, the amazing climbing route of the Spigolo del Velo.

With its 54 beds, our hut is the perfect base for hikings and alpine trekkings in the amazing setting of Dolomites: it can be reached through two different paths, from San Martino di Castrozza and from Val Canali.

Vie Ferrata climbings

The Velo and Porton via ferrata climbs, the Dino Buzzati and Nico Gusela cable-aided paths… These are just some of the many exciting ways to get to the Refuge – come and discover them all!

How to reach the Hut

It is possible to reach the Velo della Madonna Hut from Val Canali, from San Martino di Castrozza or from the Pale di San Martino plateau: several extraordinary paths and options for hikers of each level.


The mythical “Spigolo del Velo”, the Sass Maor Normal Route, the legendary “Supermatita”, the “Piazaroi” path… discover all the great classical climb routes of this area!

"If you don't know San Martino di Castrozza, you don't know Dolomites"

Gunther Langes, first ascension of the "Spigolo del Velo" - 1920