Nico Gusella protected climbing route

From Passo di Ball go up to the left if you come from Pradidali Hut (or go to the right if you come from Val di Roda or the Rosetta cable car) and cross the scree slope separating Cima di Ball from Cima di Val di Roda. At an altitude of 2500 m you will find a metal plaque at the start of the cable. This pleasant ascent, is not difficult and not particularly exposed. The last 30 metres before the col can be easily done without the help of the cable.

Heading right from col of Forcella Stephen, the top of Val di Roda can be easily reached by following at first a footpath, then go towardsa the iron cross that is clearly visible. From the summit, enjoy the spectacular view of the southern Pale di San Martino. Return to Forcella Stephen, but instead of taking the path on the left leading to Cima di Ball, begin your descent by crossing the western face of Cima di Ball.

The route is clearly indicated with cairns and red markers, but sometimes you will need to scramble to go on. After circa one hour, a rather tricky 30 m ascent of a gully will bring you to a col; from there, go down pasture slopes, where you may sometimes find a flock of sheep, then get to Forcella del Porton.

From there you can reach the Velo della Madonna Refuge through the Velo via ferrata, or the Pradidali Refuge through the Porton via ferrata; you can go down to San Martino di Castrozza through La Vecchia via ferrata.

The route is hard but does not require a high technical or physical effort; this path allow to enjoy the magic of some of the most beautiful peaks of the Pale di San Martino.