Zonta variation – Spigolo del Velo


This interesting alternative to the normal start of the Spigolo del Velo, a very suggested enjoyable route on excellent rock: the variation follows a line between the “Mega Maria” and the Spigolo del Velo.
The start is the same of the Messner and Mega Maria routes, just stop few metres below a vertical strip of black rock, which runs down from the third indentation on the arête.

Go straight up on solid, grey rock with good holds for three pitches, before moving into a crack behind a flake. At the top of the flake, move into a corner formed by a yellow pillar (under a large yellow spike). Go up to the corner until you come out on the arête 20 m under the indentation.
Continue on the Spigolo del Velo route.


Descent route as the one for Spigolo del Velo.

Download the PDF with the description of the Via