Dino Buzzati protected climbing route

From Fiera di Primiero, take the road for Passo Cereda and after a few hairpin bends turn left into Val Canali. Park at Prati Fosne and take footpath 747, which in 2 hours leads up  to the rocky slopes of Cimerlo at the start of the hiking trail. The route does not require particular expertise, and proceeds on a quite steep trail before reaching a crack in the rock: at this point, to get through the crack, take your backpack off. Once you got through the crack, go up across some alpine meadows, follow some stretch of cables until you get to the Cimerlo ridge, just below the summit.

The via ferrata continues then with a descent in two narrow gullies, following another vertical stretch of cables. Traverse the small ridge dropping down 200 m to reach the junction with the “Sentiero del Cacciatore” then continue on a steep footpath to Cima della Stanga (2550 m). From Cima della Stanga, head down towards the Velo della Madonna Hut.